Filing Lawsuits Against Sex Offenders

sexual assault in Arizona

There are cases every day of men and women being sexually assaulted in Arizona and the bordering states. California, Texas, and Mexico borders report sex crimes daily as these open lands become home to nomads that seem to roam without fear of authority. We have begun to blog on this recently and will be taking a more practical approach to help young men and women defend themselves physically and legally against sex crimes.

Legal Advice in Arizona

If you live in Arizona, you need to find a lawyer that will go to war for you! Sexual assault is a severe criminal offense, and if the criminals go unpunished, they will continue to hurt others until they are caught and dealt with. There are plenty of Lawyers in Tucson who can provide the support needed to fight against these criminals in the court of law.

California Legal Advice

California attorney and court system

Finding a qualified lawyer in California to present your case to the courts shouldn’t be difficult, California has one of the larger populations of lawyers in the country. Finding one you like near the border of California and Arizona may be a little tricky, but if you find that options are slim, San Diego is close enough to find a qualified attorney. San Diego law offices are more than capable of managing your case.

Legal Advice In Texas

If you have been assaulted along the border of Texas and Arizona, there are plenty of qualified lawyers to represent you in the court of law. Getting with the right attorney will make the process easier for you after experiencing such a tragic event. If you can’t find a lawyer near the border, you can reach out further into Texas and find a qualified attorney in Texas.

Legal Advice in Mexico

As serious as we take these crimes, finding qualified legal advice along the border of Arizona and Mexico is going to be tough, especially on the Mexican side. All jokes aside, you might be better off hiring the Mexican cartels to handle it for you. I know that’s not politically correct, but local law enforcement in bordering Mexican towns are a joke, and getting anywhere legally in their court systems can drag for years.

masked man swinging a bat

Keeping yourself out of these situations in the first place is the best advice we can offer. Prepare yourself every day for the worst. Understand that sexual assault is nothing you can plan for, but you can workout, train your mind and body, and stay away from areas that may be prone to crime. Staying out of bars and being drug-free will help you to maintain a sharp, clear focus in a time of attack. Knowing self-defense, and even carrying a weapon could help prevent a serious sexual assault. While every legal team on this planet would tell you to ignore the advice I just gave, me as a brother to a sister that was sexually assaulted in Scottsdale, Arizona, will tell you this is what you need to do. Violence is not the answer, but in a violent situation, you can either become a lioness or cower like a lamb. I hope that every man and woman out there that finds themselves in this situation use the necessary force needed to keep themselves safe. Learn to fight back!

More blog posts like this to come as we continue to gain ground as a local resource for victims of sexual assault and a resource for those that wish to prevent being assaulted.

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