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Recent Questions

What are the possible defenses to Arizona Sex Crimes Charges?

The primary defenses to a sex offense include insufficient or tainted evidence, factual innocence, mistaken identity and, in some cases, consent. Moreover, it is important to examine the factual circumstances of the accuser. Moreover, there are statutory defenses for some specific situation: For charges of sexual abuse pursuant A.R.S. 13-1404… read more »

Will the community always be notified of the presence of a sex offender?

States have different laws on community notification of a sex offender’s presence. Typically, the public may browse the state registry on the Internet or at law enforcement offices. In some jurisdictions, notification may be more active and police may contact individuals and businesses in a neighborhood to alert them.… read more »

Who must register as a sex offender?

Generally, any adult or juvenile who has been convicted of a certain sex offense, who is on active supervision for a sex offense or who has been committed as a sexually violent predator must register with the state law enforcement agency as a sex offender. The duration of the offender’s… read more »

What is the difference between rape and sexual assault?

Arizona law no longer uses the term “rape,” replacing it with sexual abuse or sexual assault to describe prohibited acts. Traditional rape is covered by these statutes. However, most sexual assault statutes cover more types of sexual acts than what is traditionally thought of as “rape” and apply to victims… read more »

Is it statutory rape if someone lies about his or her age?

A mistake about age is not typically a defense to statutory rape charges, even if the underage person lied and gave consent. It is a “strict liability” offense, which makes the perpetrator responsible regardless of the surrounding circumstances.… read more »

What is entrapment?

Police may uncover sex offenders by posing as prostitutes, underage individuals or other parties to catch sex offenders while committing (or preparing to commit) sex crimes. Some sex-offense defendants argue that police actions, such as offers of sexual services, constitute entrapment. Entrapment means that the police induced the defendant to… read more »

What are penalties for a conviction of Indecent exposure in Arizona?

There is wide range of possibilities for a conviction of this type. If the victim is fifteen or more years of age it is a class 1 misdemeanor. While there is not a mandatory jail sentence, the maximum jail term for a class one misdemeanor is 6 months. If the… read more »

If have you been falsely charged with Indecent exposure, what must State prove to convict you?

In order for you to be convicted of the crime of Indecent Exposure, the State must prove beyond reasonable doubt you: exposed your; Genitals anus or (in case of a female accused) the areola or nipple of the breast; another person is present; and You were reckless about whether the… read more »

How do Arizona Courts define “without consent”?

There are four (4) situations where Arizona law applies the terms “without consent.” The victim is coerced by reason of a mental disorder, defect, drugs, alcohol or any type of impairment; and that impairment/condition is known or should have reasonably been known to the person accused of the crime; The… read more »

Is consent a defense to Sexual Assault or Statutory Rape charges?

Consent may be a defense to sex crimes. However, some individuals are not considered able to consent to sex under the law. For those individuals, even if they explicitly agree, their agreement is not legally valid. For example, minors, the mentally disabled and unconscious or intoxicated people (even if they… read more »

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